Why No 'Wiley' Does Mean Yes

Why No 'Wiley' Does Mean Yes

Why No Really Does Mean Yes

As a new brand on the block, we originally set our sights to grow gradually and organically. We heard many times from the professionals that fashion is a 'hard game' with a lot of competition. We're happy to admit that they weren't wrong! However, there is one thing that we feel is missing amongst the clothing industry and that is character. 

As the founder of Wiley Cub, I know first-hand that people want more than a product, more than a t-shirt, more than the latest hoodie. People want to be involved, to be a part of something and that is what Wiley Cub offers. We connect with our buyers and we grow as a community. Our buyers believe in our products and have passion for our quality just like we do. 


Our growth in 1 year has excelled our expectations. We have learnt to not accept 'No' when really the answer to Wiley Cub is 'Yes'. People want to be inclusive yet different, consumers are looking for something new. This is exactly why larger chains should consider smaller brands. In the era of the millennial consumer, we aren't hardcore brand focused, we are looking for something more.


Is that Wiley Cub? The answer to that is, yes! If you think differently, we ask you to try us on for size.

Malakye Wiley Beagle - Founder of Wiley Cub
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