The First Wiley Cub Pop Up Shop - East Village Market, London

The First Wiley Cub Pop Up Shop - East Village Market, London

The First Wiley Cub Pop Up Shop @ East Village Market, London

Wiley Cub is the new kid on the block. Blend of urban, street and gym wear. As a new brand how do you get visibility? How do you gain exposure in a saturated market? And how do you set up a pop up shop?

First Wiley Cub Pop Up Shop: East Village Market, London

The launch of Wiley Cub has been a slow and sustained process and that is exactly what we planned. We are about continual and sustainable growth. Our visibility is growing gradually via. Instagram and word of mouth. We pride our selves on quality and our edgy appearance. We stand out from the crowd and that is ok. Because that is who we are!

Wiley Cub First Pop Up Shop East Village Market London

How to Set Up Your First Pop Up Shop

We scoured the internet looking for our first pop up shop and were fortunate enough to connect with Appear Here. They took interest in our brand and found us a great market to set up at in TWO DAYS time! It was a rush but we made it and we were glad af that we did!

The Wiley Cub gang connected with some great people at the East Village Talent Market. Many loved our brand, our design and the quality of our products. Our passion and belief in our product was on display for the world to see. 

How to Gain Brand Visibility 

Retail is a heavily saturated market. So how do you stand out from the crowd? This heavily depends on your brand values, what you stand for and your purpose. Wiley Cubs values is at the heart of our business. That being Passion, Quality and Individuality. 

Passion - Putting it simply, we f*%king LOVE what we do!

Quality - This is where we get a little OCD. Like, seriously. Quality is our mission.

Individuality - Because we don't put you in a box. The only thing we package is our clothes!

Our brand was founded by Malakye Wiley Beagle . We generate awareness on our brand via. social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & Twitter! For optimum brand exposure we recommend posting daily. Showcase your brand personality. Let people know who you are, what you have to offer and what sets you apart from the rest. 

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