The Big & Furry Growth Spurt

The Big & Furry Growth Spurt

We are patting ourselves on the back this year as we're growing into quite the little brute. Popeyes' strength comes from spinach but us bear cubs behind Wiley Cub are powered by cookies and hot cups of tea... and it's paying off!

This year we are locked into TEN Christmas pop up shops in the following locations:

09/11 - Oxted
16/11 - Braintree
22/12 - Totteridge
28/11 - Therfield 
29/11 - Tring
30/11 - Crofton
04/11 - Oxted
05/11 - Oxted
07/12 - Westerham
08/12 - Tonbridge 

With more Pop Up shops to be confirmed. Last year we locked in to ONE Christmas Pop Up so we have increased 10X! 

Our bear cubs are still working hard packing and picking your deliveries with some sizes sold out.

Our AW19 collection is due to land shortly, with our growing fan base reaching out to us to join the Pre-Sales order list. In just over a year we are growing faster than we anticipated with the odd growing pain here and there but nothing we cannot manage.

Furthermore, shops are enquiring about stocking our products!

As always, thank you for your support, purchases and feedback. Without you all we would simply not be here (now wouldn't that be sad!)

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