Set for Summer with Wiley Cub Twinsets

Set for Summer with Wiley Cub Twinsets

When it comes to summer time we need to strip back the fur, tone down the fleece and let the bear be free. Our twinsets are lightweight and great for summer. 

Here at Wiley Cub HQ, we have been picking and packing your parcels and it seems a lot of you have got short this summer, opting for our shorts rather than our tracksuit bottoms (we don't blame you!). 

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(Wiley Cub Navy Twinset)

For summer evenings we have designed our new light weight tracksuits, with our smart 1/4 quarter zips, sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms. 

This summer has been our biggest one yet, it seems the growls are spreading and new Wiley Cubbers are joining the family. As always its great to see you sharing your snaps in all our clothing from our first drop to our most recent. It's been a journey and there is a lot more adventure to be had yet.

Before we get anymore emotional... 

Talk soon,


Wiley Cub Team

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